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Planning Permission & Party Walls


Planning Permission:

We cannot give definitive guidance on whether you will need planning permission for your project- some items of permitted development. Even if you believe your proposal is permitted, it would be wise to check this with your local planning department-, and if you need proof your work is allowed, they should be able to provide you with a lawful development certificate (LDC).

This link will tell you if planning permission is required for :  Extensions, Conservatories, Porches & Garages



Party Walls:

You need to make sure that you aren’t in breach of the Party Wall Act when building near a neighbours property- or even altering your own. The costs involved in a dispute could be high so its best to check this out.

This link gives a general guide to the Party Wall Act  





Please note, none of the information on this page constitutes definitive legal advice - so please contact your local authority for current information.



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