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The documents we can provide:

You may not require all of these stages, - but planning drawings aren’t the end of the design process. We will usually give you a separate quote for each of these stages.



Initial Proposals: Based on your brief, we’ll provide some preliminary plans & elevations that you can comment on.


Planning Drawings: The proposals you accept, - laid out on a sheet with a title block. These will carry information such as an overall location plan, external materials & heights.


Building Regulation Drawings: The accepted planning proposals are updated to comply with current building regulations only.


Construction Drawings: These expand on the building regulations to show more detail - some usually 1:10 or larger to show that work should be done in a specific way. There may be several ways a builder could satisfy building regulations, but this firms things things up and sets the quality.



Usually a written document specifying all elements of the work - for example if you want terrazzo floor tiles, this is where the size of tiles & manufacturer will be listed - whereas the construction drawings may just indicate a zone for ‘floor tiles’


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